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"We used Transpact.com recently to acquire valuable domain assets (£65,000 and £15,000).
Having tried a few of your competitors in the past, there is really no comparison - quite simply, Transpact.com offers a much better service at a far cheaper price.

I was particularly impressed to receive a phone call to double check on a potential issue - you went above and beyond.
We like to think we're pretty good at finding the best deals. These days I tell anyone who will listen to use Transpact.com - it's a no-brainer.
Thanks again."

Ben Tibbits, Deals.co.uk
May 2017

"We have just used your service to process a transaction (purchase of a website) for around £65,000* and it went through without any problems. I thought your service was fantastic. I must admit when I first found your site I was very sceptical, especially in light of the size of transaction and the low value of your fee. So I did a lot of digging around first, spoke to FCA, etc. I was still a bit nervous about using the service but it went extremely well. You have an excellent service and I would definitely use you again!

PS. I probably shouldn't say this but, my advice would be to actually put your prices up for higher value transactions as it appears too cheap and people think it is too good to be true."

*Amount adjusted for anonymity

"We are a global logistics company, moving over $1bn of our customers' goods around the world.

Having the ability to use Transpact to ensure that our suppliers deliver on time and perform to specification is a real boon, and gives us a competitive advantage."

Andy Costara, Global Forwarding Ltd
December 2011

"I was initially sceptical about Transpact, but when our first customer payment was received into Transpact, it became apparent that we can now get paid with 100% certainty.

Looking back, I wish Transpact had been operational earlier to save all those previous cases of payment aggravation that businesses inevitably run into."

Derek Lowe, Chief Executive, Storm Communication


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