Important Rules

You must follow these rules if you wish to use our service.

By operating a secure, streamlined process, we achieve complete protection of your payments efficiently, smoothly, and at extremely low cost (according to the conditions you set and agree).
But we can only do so by setting certain rules - if you do not keep to these rules, we cannot normally deal with you at all, and you may incur significant expense to make good any breach:


You must only register a bank account in your exact name
If you are a person, the bank account must be in your name (not a relative's).
If you are a company, the bank account must be in the exact company name. Likewise, for any other entity.


You cannot make payment on behalf of another party
We strictly forbid third party payments and third party transactions.


You cannot receive payment on behalf of another party
We strictly forbid third party payments and third party transactions.


Payments to us must only be from your registered bank account, and made directly to our bank account.
The payment cannot travel via any other party. Likewise, payments we make to you will only be made directly to your registered bank account.


The underlying transaction must be fully on your behalf - we will not accept a transaction where you are acting (even partly) for another party
You cannot act as a nominee or an agent or on behalf of another in the transaction underlying your payment - the transaction must be fully on your behalf.


Every payment you make to us must quote the unique payment reference our website provides for that particular payment
Our website will provide you with a unique payment reference for every payment you have to make to us. Every payment reference will be different, even within the same transaction. You must quote this payment reference exactly with the payment.
When you instruct us to make payment to the other party in your transaction, you will also have to pay a penny or cent to us (often refundable) from your registered bank account to confirm the instruction - it is particularly important to quote the correct unique payment reference with that penny/cent payment.

Our full service terms are set out in our Service Terms webpage. There are also additional important rules found there. The above rules are no more important and no less important than those in our Service Terms - the rules here are featured for clarity based on customer feedback.

Why do we institute these rules ?

We do not want to impose these rules - and except for the last, we have no need for them and the service that we operate will operate even more efficiently without them.
But UK, EU and worldwide anti-money laundering and counter terrorist-financing rules imposed on us by Government and Legislation force us to impose these rules against our will - and we do so fully and completely.

What sort of Transactions do we not handle ?

For's prohibited transaction policy, see our Prohibited Transactions webpage.

Make sure you keep to these rules.

If you don't wish to, please don't use our efficient, secure service.

“I thought your service was fantastic. You have an excellent service and I would definitely use you again!”