Fee Calculator

How much will my transaction cost ?

As costs are spread between the payer and the payee (the buyer and seller), we cannot tell you how much you are going to pay - you might end up paying nothing at all.
You decide how to split the initial fee between the two of you. Other fees ( often there are no other fees) are charged to a set party, and mostly you cannot choose who pays those fees.
In the majority of transactions the total fee below is all we will charge the two parties in total for a normal transaction.

Remember, this is the minimum price payable, and further charges may be applicable (for example if you decide to split payment, or if an international payment is involved, etc.). Please see our Prices web-page, and our Additional Charges web-page for a full list of all possible charges.

The combined price for a normal domestic transaction depends on the currency you choose to transact in, and the amount of the transaction. You choose the currency for each transaction.

Combined (payer and payee combined - buyer and seller combined) Fee Calculator

Combined (Payer & Payee) Cost:
This is the total cost, and is split between the payer and payee.

Please remember:
  1. This cost is the combined total cost to the payer and payee (buyer and seller). Either both parties, or one party, will normally pay much less than this.
  2. The charges include final payment to the client's bank account. Unlike other escrow service, we include the cost of domestic (or international for USD transactions over $1,000) wire transfer payments within our price. Other escrow services add on up to $40 or more for the final payment to you !
  3. All our charges are clearly shown on our website - see our Prices web-page, and our Additional Charges web-page for a full list of all possible charges.
  4. Domestic means EU based bank accounts for Euro transactions and UK based bank accounts for GBP transactions.


Could I expect to pay additional charges?
There are some exceptional instances when additional fees may be required... Learn More


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